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What Others Are Saying

“Food Fight focuses on the most difficult time of day for many parents: mealtime. Learn how to cope with picky eaters and serve your youngsters nutritious meals they will actually eat. You'll even discover some fun, activities you can do with your children! Chef Gigi offers great ideas to promote healthful eating and improve parent-child relationships.”

                                            -Diane Flynn Keith, Homeschool Specialist and Author of Car Schooling 

​​​​​​​"Gigi is one of the most creative people I know. She has taught very young children up to teens how to cook while at the same time incorporating Math and Social Studies into her classes. The combination of her expertise and dynamic personality makes her perfect for what she does. Gigi injects fun and learning into everything she does. "   
                                                                                               ~Barbara Desmarais, The Parenting Coach

"Gigi is wonderfully passionate about healthy food! She's upbeat, hard working and always looking for a fresh angle when it comes to culinary challenges like getting little ones to eat their vegetables." 

                                                     ~ Heather Vega, Jamies Mommy, Director, Larson Communications